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This tab is only available for users with sufficient permissions when editing pages using Portal page or ASPX + Portal page type templates. Here you can add (AddWebPart), remove (Delete), configure (Configure) and relocate web parts and default widgets. Entire web part/widget zones may also be managed via their drop‑down menus (WebPartZoneMenu).


On pages using portal engine page templates, the layout code of the assigned template can be edited by clicking the Edit layout (EditLayout) button in the top right corner of the page template area (green header).


Please keep in mind that any changes made on this tab will also be applied to all documents that use the same page template as the currently edited page.


Web part toolbar


Depending on the preferences of the current user, the Design tab may also include a toolbar that provides a convenient way to add new web parts. To determine which web parts are offered in the toolbar, you can select an appropriate category from the drop‑down list. It is also possible to filter the items by entering the name of a web part into the search textbox (Search). Once you find the web part that you wish to add, you can simply drag it from the main section of the toolbar and drop it at the desired location in one of the template's zones.


The Settings (Configure) button allows you to disable the toolbar or change its position. You can remove existing web part instances from the page template by dragging them into the "trash bin" area (TrashBinToolbar) of the toolbar.


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